Premier Mortgage, NMLS #218226


Premier Mortgage, NMLS #218226


Premier Choice, Premier Service


100% Financing USDA Program

The Guaranteed Rural Housing mortgage loan program offers 30 year fixed rate mortgage with 100% financing! Great for First-time buyers, you can buy your home without having to put down your entire savings, or even any money down!


VA Mortgage Program

The Veterans Administration loan program enables Veterans and active duty personnel to purchase or refinance a home with favorable terms.The VA program typically allows for 100% financing. With a Veteran on staff, this program is a Premier Mortgage specialty, we will take care of our Veterans!


FHA Mortgage Program

The government's Federal Housing Administration's Mortgage program is our most flexible program. Whether your credit score is a little lower or your debt ratio is a bit high, our program can you qualify more borrowers then any other lender. With only a 3.5% down payment required, this program can make your home buying dream come true!


Conventional Loan Programs

Our Conventional Programs have all your bases covered, whether you are thinking a 7 year term or all the way to 30 years. A 3% down option is available to first time home buyers, as low as 5% down for borrowers who have owned before. We can build the PMI into the rate or we offer discounted PMI and ultra competitive pricing that is sure to cut your payments!


Doublewide Lending

We can finance Doublewide Homes on a permanent foundation, either through the FHA Program or even through Conventional Financing. With FHA the same 3.5% down is all that's required or with Conventional you can purchase with just 5% down.


Confirming High Balance Program Non Jumbo

Allows Borrowers to get their dream house without the Jumbo Loan interest rates and regulations. We can lend up to 90% loan to value with NO PMI!!!!! All the way up to $726,525 loan amounts with regular Conventional program rates and Guidelines!


Rate/Term Refinancing or Cash Out Refinancing

We offer all programs you need! Whether you want to refinance your current mortgage into a lower rate or a shorter term, Or use the equity in your home to consolidate debt or do some home improvements!